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Hello, I’m a Pharmacist and Software Engineer in Malaysia! Graduated from Master in Data Science and Analytics and strive to become a Data Scientist 🐳

Ultimate guide on Swar Chia Plot Manager for window users

Manual plotting in the Chia Blockchain application is not optimized and user-friendly, especially you are using plotting in large amounts. Plotting managers such as Plotman, Swar-Plot-Manager are preferred by advanced users as it maximizing the daily plot generation by optimizing the hardware capability such as CPU and RAM.

Swar is preferred by window user as Plotman required more setup and intentionally made for Linux. Swar provides a simple, easy-to-use, and reliable solution to keep the plot generating.

Features of Swar include [1]:

  • Stagger your plots so that your computer resources can avoid high peaks.
  • Allow for a list of destination…

Discover how python help you stand out from your competitor while saving your business’s time and money

This article will help you stand out from your competitor by displaying a better product images and enhancing your product branding proporsition.

TL;DR: for complete Jupyter notebook code in this article, you can obtain it here

Setting up Different Image Dimension

Scenario: Your e-commerce platform requires you to upload product images with specific dimensions.

The most common problem of multiple e-commerce is that different platforms (or even across your e-commerce website) have different product sizes and dimension requirements, it is tedious to resize every image to fit into each different platform.

Luckily with the power of python image manipulation, we can easily generate the product…

A simple 5-minute setup to automate birthday greeting email to your customer every year without a miss

This article will guide on the simplest method to automate sending all email to your customers in a few simple steps using google sheets.

Often small and medium-sized businesses use email to keep in contact with their customer. Email such as seasonal greetings, festival greetings are great, it is even more fabulous when you can personalize the email to each of your customers such as a Birthday Greetings Email which provides special offers to your customers for the particular month. This will greatly improve customer engagement.

Scenario: Your company has the DOB and Email of customers and wants to send…

Let's try to understand what happened during Chia Network Plotting and the way to optimize it

Earlier this week Elon Musk said that Tesla no longer accepts Bitcoin as the form of payment for Tesla vehicles. In a tweet, Tesla said that the company has suspended the use of bitcoin to purchase its vehicles because of climate concerns.

An estimate by the University of Cambridge suggests that Bitcoin mining consumes more than 120 Terawatt Hours (Twh) per year, with using more electricity annually than the countries like Malaysia, Sweden, or Argentina. The report also stated that bitcoin could rank in…

Automatically send the report to your boss every month without worries

Have you ever collect data with google sheets where the sheets are shared with everyone in your organization for inputting their weekly, monthly data such as performance reporting, inventory reporting, or KPI data reporting? After that, you will have to extract the data every month to proceed with your compilation.

How good if these repetitive actions can be automated and the final report can be emailed out to respective people (such as your boss) every month? Yes, this article can help you to achieve this target!

Localized and identify multiple objects in a single image using the COCO-SSD model

This article is 3rd part of my tensorflow.js + react.js series which intended to promote the usage of tensorflow.js in react. As an intro to the new reader, Tensorflow.js or TF.js is a library for machine learning in Javascript, which enables ML models to be used directly in the browser or in Node.js.

TF.js had unleashed the unlimited potential for front-end developers to harness the power of machine learning such as object detection, face detection, image classification, and sentimental analysis without relying on a backend server.

The end product of this tutorial is to create an object detection via the…

Tips for IPA to English translation in speech analytics

Often in Speech analysis, we need to translate IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) to English manually as there are not any translators online that able to help us do that.

Below are reasons why it can’t be done so easily:

  1. IPA letters are merely a type of sound, it is unable to distinguish vocabulary that pronounces the same (homophones) but spell differently such as the word “New” and “Knew” which both sound as njuː
  2. Different type of speakers produce a slightly different type of pronunciation and resulted in different IPA transcription

In short, the solution for translate IPA to English is…

Explore how current pharmacy technology shape retail pharmacist’s service.

This article will discuss the current technology in community pharmacists and what can we do on bringing more empowerment to the professions to serve the public well.

Picture from
Picture from

Most retail pharmacies remain the same as 10–20 years ago. even in this era of digital in which time and specialization/differentiation is prioritized. …

Sharing my experience of building during the mask crisis back in Jan-March 2020

Back in January 2020, COVID-19 has caused a dramatic shortage in the supply of face masks (The Mask Crisis), which is mainly explained by a surge in demand and slow down of production in China.

The demands for masks in Malaysia faced a massive spike due to the public fear of COVID-19 and it causes the price of a piece of a mask up from RM 0.20 normally to RM 2.00 (a 1000% increment in price).

Everyone is finding a piece of the mask to protect themself and their family that time, every day they go to search for masks…

Use your python Tensorflow model in react today

You had trained your image classification model well in TensorFlow and you eagerly want to integrate it into production and use by your users. However, you found out the problem as below:

  • Due to privacy concern, your user doesn’t want to upload their photo into your server
  • You are poor and you don’t want to create a whole new server just to host a model
  • You need a high latency for your model

Thanks to Tensorflow.js (TF.js), the client-side solution that will solve the problems mentioned above. Now you can integrate it with your favorite javascript framework such as React.js…

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