Pharmacist and Software Engineer in Malaysia. Graduated with Master in Data Science and Analytics 🐳

Web 3.0 — Extracting GameFi data from solidity contract

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What is GameFi?🎮

🎮 GameFi, better known as play-to-earn (P2E) games, is a rather new term in the field of both gaming and cryptocurrency industries. It references games that are designed with economic and finance [4]. What a wonderful world that my childhood dream became true! I can tell my parents and friends…

Sharing my data science experience on Malaysia National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme (PICK)

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The National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme, commonly known as PICK, is a national vaccination campaign that is currently being implemented by the Malaysian government as an approach to curbing the spread of COVID-19 and to end the COVID-19 pandemic in Malaysia by successfully achieving herd immunity among its citizens and non-citizens…


Let’s train a real-time custom object detector with Azure Custom Vision in less than 30 minutes

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Have you ever heard of somebody using artificial intelligence to solve their industry problem such as doctors using AI to identify cancer cells, CCTV identify the product that emptied in the shelf, or even a cat detector? The fundamental logic that works behind these “AI” is Custom Object Detections.


Human versus AI

Let’s complete a data science project with Github Copilot!

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Github Copilot is the recent hype in the programming world, and many articles and youtube videos show the amazing capability of Copilot. I obtained access to Github Copilot Technical Preview recently and I’m curious about how Copilot can help data scientists in data science projects.

What is GitHub Copilot?

GitHub Copilot is an AI…

The Data Scraper Series

Get any data from your favorite social media into your data frame using Twint and Facebook-Scraper

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Social media are rich in data, especially data for sentiment analysis, competitor analysis, and even topic research. Twitter and Facebook are the two major treasure islands in the eye of data scientists, getting the data from there is a piece of essential knowledge for a data scientist or researcher.

Problems of using official API


Python for Business Series

Python can save your time on tracking your competitor simply but scraping the prices of your competitor websites

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In the business world, knowing the weapon of your competitor such as product price changes can be very helpful for the business owners to understand the market.

Problems with Competitor Price Tracking

From the old days, the business owner needs to send their staff to “survey” the prices of competitor and compile into their secret…

The Streamlit Series

Present your excel spreadsheet as an interactive dashboard web application using the python library Streamlit

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What is Streamlit?

Streamlit is an open-source Python library that makes it easy to create and share beautiful, custom web apps for machine learning and data science projects [1]

One of the main features of Streamlit is it provides you a Jupyter Notebook-like environment where your code is updated live as you save…

Ultimate guide on Swar Chia Plot Manager for window users

Official Image by swar

Manual plotting in the Chia Blockchain application is not optimized and user-friendly, especially you are using plotting in large amounts. Plotting managers such as Plotman, Swar-Plot-Manager are preferred by advanced users as it maximizing the daily plot generation by optimizing the hardware capability such as CPU and RAM.

Swar is…

Discover how python help you stand out from your competitor while saving your business’s time and money

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This article will help you stand out from your competitor by displaying a better product images and enhancing your product branding proporsition.

TL;DR: for complete Jupyter notebook code in this article, you can obtain it here

Setting up Different Image Dimension

Scenario: Your e-commerce platform requires you to upload product images with specific dimensions.


A simple 5-minute setup to automate birthday greeting email to your customer every year without a miss

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This article will guide on the simplest method to automate sending all email to your customers in a few simple steps using google sheets.

Often small and medium-sized businesses use email to keep in contact with their customer. Email such as seasonal greetings, festival greetings are great, it is even…

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